What is Quranic Inspirations?

The Qur’anic Inspirations annual conference is a must-attend event of the year.  Addressing key relevant topics affecting Muslims’ lives today, it draws in the inspiration, guidance and wisdom of Allah’s Noble Guidance, the Qur’an.  Educated, well-grounded and engaging speakers share their insights and snippets of wisdom in addressing these topics, while innovative multimedia productions add variety and thoroughly-researched content for a holistic conference experience.

Relevant to the Ummah Today

Each year, the QI conference focuses on a key topic that the Muslim community yearns to be tackled.  In our current day and age, our Muslim communities, especially the youth, struggle to reconcile between the role of science, evolution, Darwinism and other theories, and their respective application to Islam.  Many become confused in these core fundamental beliefs, whilst many others find themselves unable to articulate these concepts when asked by their peers.

The Muslim community is crying out for this topic to be addressed in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand manner.  Our theme and content for 2015 is therefore aptly named “Science, the Existence of Allah, and His 99 Beautiful Names.”


2014: The Cradle of Heroes and Civilisations

We journey into the Quran and are amazed as it inspires great character, great individuals, families and societies!  We look at nations and heroes of the past who were guided and inspired to heights of greatness by the Qur’an.  How does the Quran help solve social challenges of today – such as finding inspiration to stay focused, in marriage, parenting and emotional well-being?  Get golden advice on how to memorise the Quran and how to draw its Inspiration!

2013: Bonds of Attraction

We return to the sacred bonds of the home and family.  The guest speakers share deep insight and wisdom into Muslim family life, the bond between husband and wife and raising children through what may be difficult times.  Thoroughly researched presentations of Muslim marriages and family relationships, highlighting the Islamic guidance from the Quran and Sunnah, while contrasting and comparing with contemporary Western research!

2012: Muslims Making a Difference

2012 saw huge changes globally, with riots and protests affecting the majority of the Arab Muslim world. Seeing the great need for empowering and educating the youth and guiding them in the trying times, key personalities of our rich Islamic history were brought to the fore for study, reflection and emulation of their worthy traits and characteristics!

2011: Iman in the Online Age

The world has transformed dramatically with ever-evolving technological advancement.  This has opened both doors – the door to the pleasure, mercy and bounty of Allah, and the door to the deception, temptations and misguidance of the Shaytan.  Holding on to Iman (faith) in this online world is growing more difficult by the day, highlighting the dire need for some practical, inspirational advice from the guest scholars.

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