Two Beautiful Venues


Slider for Brisbane 700 x 525

Saturday, 26 April 2014
University of Queensland
Steele Building (Bld 3)
1230pm – 415pm

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Slider for Perth 700 x 525

Sunday, 27 April 2014
University of Western Australia
Alexander and Murdoch Lecture Theatres
11am – 6pm

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What is Qur'anic Inspirations?

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This year, join us on a journey into the Quran and be amazed as it inspires great character, great individuals, family and society.

We will look at nations and heroes of the past who were guided and inspired by the Quran to heights of greatness.

How does the Quran helps solve social challenges of today – such as finding inspiration to stay focused, in marriage, parenting and emotional well-being?

Get golden advice on how to memorise the Quran and how to draw its inspiration.

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